About BTMafrica

BTMafrica was created in 2019 as part of the companies of the BTMCo group in order to strengthen the international presence of the group already present in Turkey with the company "BeTuMar A.Ş." as well as Spain and the Canary Islands with the company "BTMiberia SL ".

With our sister companies, we have more than 15 years of experience in the marine market. Our main business concerns all types of marine equipment such as main engines, diesel generators, gearboxes, crane, fishing equipment.

Our main objective is to provide a global service in the maritime market through studies, commercial research, communication, administration, logistics, after-sales service and / or maintenance. For that, we have a complete team of technical salesmen, experimenting with their past as technician aboard ship, technicians expert in diesel engines that will be there to guide you in your choice of appropriate products according to your needs/use.

We are the official representative as well as service points of the brands Baudouin Engines, Weichai, Uygar for the Moroccan market but also for certain in Mauritanian market.

BTMafrica is also a service point and supplier of spare parts for the brands below:

Anglo Belgian Corporation (ABC)
Moteurs Baudouin
Weichai Power
Masson Marine
Uygar ext...

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